Sep 16, 2011

God Equals Genocide: What works for GEG is contrasts that balance. Sweet-but-unsatisfied. Snarly-but-uncomplainy. They play wonderfully dirty and sloppy yet their intentions couldn’t be more clear, their conscience more clean. When they play live, Danny and Adrian hootenanny between guitar and drums, marking the middle of their set. On record, it happens within seconds! Who replaced the logo of the Bananas where the dove is supposed to be at the end of the bayonet on my Discharge record? Never Again! Libyans: Gnashing, beaks-a-pecking, smart-not-damning hardcore with flourishes that give hints that not only has Crass been a consideration and guiding hand, but so are Wire and the Wipers. Has a nice strangulated-yet-gallopy tension. Sorta like reaching really high on the top of a ladder for some high-hanging fruit and not fully retaining your balance while wearing a well-worn Bags T-shirt... as a band sound. Some of the strongest tracks ever from both bands.

 –todd (Shock To The System / Dirt Cult)