GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE: 3 EPs, 2 Splits, 4CDRs, 2 Tours, 4 T-Shirts, & Now a Tape: Cassette

Nov 15, 2011

Self-described “slop punk” from Los Angeles, CA. As the title suggests, this release collects all their previously released recorded material on one handy dandy yellow cassette. Painfully honest and heart-felt lyrics that warrant no explanation, yelled and sung by co-ed singers who both rip shit up in their own right. You wouldn’t know it from the rough and tumble, DIY-as-fuck quality of the recordings, but at least one of the members is a classically trained musician specializing in Balinese gamelan. But as you might have guessed, it isn’t the guy who plays the two-string bass. This tape is long sold out from the band but I’m willing to bet a vegan baguette that their French homies from the label that put this out might still have some copies.

 –Juan Espinosa (Orange Juice, [email protected])