GOD DAMN DOO WOP BAND, THE: I’ll Always Be Your Girl: 7”

May 26, 2008

Yay! This band rules! Punk rockers form a doo wop band! Punk rockers wear ridiculous prom dresses at their shows! Yes! Yes! Yes! If you’re not a total idiot, then you acknowledge the continuum that exists, starting with ‘50s rock’n’roll, going through ‘60s girls groups, straight to Joey Ramone and Co. This continuum needs to celebrated and explored by all reasonable punk rockers! And the God Damn Doo Wop Band totally gets this! If this were a cereal, it’d be Quisp, a ‘60s cereal pulled from the market in the ‘70s only to be revived a decade later! And it’s tasty, too! 

 –maddy (Self-released)