GOD DAMN DOO WOP BAND, THE: “I’ll Always Be Your Girl” b/w “Young and Dumb” / Broken Hearts: 7” / CD

Mar 17, 2008

I’ve been hearing the name for awhile, but didn’t take the name literally, thinking it was sort of a Teen Idols trip, where the look was ‘50s-tough, but the music was distinctly ‘90s pop punk. Nope. This is a bunch of DIY punks playing straight-ahead Doo Wop. No tongues in cheek. No crunching guitars. No nyuck-nyuck, look at us, ain’t we clever? And it’s totally got me: heart-felt, incredibly well sung female harmonies, in-the-pocket, tasteful rhythm arrangements, bubbling guitars, non-hot dog sax, and music that avoids being kitschy. It just happens to be Doo Wop without the reek of dumbasses dressed in matching lettermen jackets, underscoring the safety of dead-era, didn’t-really-happen-like-that nostalgia that this could have easily fallen into. Here’s how I see it. Turn on the radio: ninety-eight percent of it is a shitstorm of robots pantomiming music. I’m not even talking punk music. I’m talking music that’s good, that hasn’t been played to absolute death, that hasn’t been infected and denatured by industry, bloated egos, or spreadsheets. So I’m totally backing DIYers taking up the abandoned musical from decades past—Stax-style soul, Sun-style country, whatever-style Doo Wop—and making great music that’s got a beat and you can dance to. Just by considering their name, I’ve got to assume they’re in it for all the right reasons and that just sweetens my feelings for ‘em.

 –todd (7” Self-released / CD: Afternoon)