GO, THE: Unreleased 1996 – 2007: 5 x Cassette Box Set

Jul 29, 2013

Wow, what an introduction to an older band who are actually new to me. This is a set of five cassettes by The Go spanning their existence up until 2007, each one representing either a two- or three-year span and featuring previously unreleased outtakes, demos, and live performances of album songs all boxed in a neat eight and quarter inch plastic box that opens up like a book. What initially appeared to be overkill to me wound up being a very pleasant surprise. The Go embrace a bevy of ‘60s influences that are not just limited to musical (MC 5 of course, the Rolling Stones, etc) but also apparent in their fashion sense which, upon first glance, fooled me into thinking that these cats were truly a ‘60s band. The earlier recordings have a slight psychedelic feel to some of the songs but they’re still garage-rock based more than anything. Further on down the road, the songs get a lot looser and rockin’, especially when the guitar amps get cranked the fuck up. It’s great rock’n’roll for sure but I have to admit that I see myself as only a casual admirer after listening to this. I get the feeling that this was laboriously crafted with love and intended solely for those who are already admirers of the Go. This box set also includes a full color booklet with liner notes, a pin, and a hilarious comic book which sweetens the deal even more if you’re a diehard fan.

 –Juan Espinosa (Burger)