GO GO: God Bless the Go Go: CD

Sep 21, 2009

Did you know Belinda Carlisle was a one time Germs member? One old school punk point for you. Once a fixture in the LA punk scene, the Go Go's became multi-platinum superstars and broke up. I know Belinda had her solo career. Charlotte Caffey did a great side project in a band called the Graces, married one of the brothers in Redd Kross and played with Belinda on her first record. Kathy Valentine had a bunch of bands that played around and I had read a review saying she loved Fabulous Disaster. I'm not sure what everybody else was up to. But what a treat for me to hear that they got back in the studio to do another record. I caught their first reunion tour and was in absolute bliss. They must have felt a kinsmanship and decided why not give it another go. The first single, "Unforgiven," was written by Billy Joe from the exiled punk band Green Day. He sure knows how to write a catchy song. That track is the strongest of the bunch. The rest of the release is standard fare by Go Go's standards. Plenty of melody and pop magic. Not as good as their first singles and album, but it is an enjoyable listen. For you female pop geeks like me. If you liked them before, you should still like them now.

 –don (Beyond Music)