GO BETTY GO: Worst Enemy: CD

Feb 21, 2008

For over a year, I have seen their name playing venues all over the city. I have also read much acclaim from the local critics. Since I don’t go out that much, I have never crossed paths. But I had a strong feeling that I would really like this band of four strong Latina women. I liked that they had the work ethic to continually gig. Having been in a band, that is a lot of time to spend together. Their hard work paid off and they had a spot on last year’s Warped Tour and got signed. I have heard from others that this is a bit over-produced compared to their live set. But for first listen, I’m not swayed by it. It possibly took away some of their raw edge, but the vocals are fantastic. I hate to use this as a comparison, but it has the magic of the Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat LP. The vocal harmonies are dreamy and well-executed. The guitars could have been pushed up a bit but they play into the fun and sassiness of their cutting music. Five songs are a tease but I will admit that I will be among the first begging for a promo copy of their full length.

 –don (Side One Dummy)