GO BETTY GO: Worst Enemy: CDEP

Mar 26, 2009

I was pretty excited when this came. Go Betty Go is a female quartet that was the staple Tuesday band at the only bar within walking distance a year ago. They alternate between English and Spanish lyrics and are on the aggressive side of pop-punk. But man, is this release slick. They thank their drum tech and name what equipment they use. It was mastered at Capitol Records. The worst is that it’s heavily produced and a lot of the edge is lost. The third of four tracks, “Son Mis Locuras,” is the best on here, but I doubt I’ll be heading out to the Warped Tour to see them these days. (Two weeks after writing this, I saw a deodorant ad with one of their songs playing in it – something smells like sell-out and it’s not my pits!) 

 –megan (Side One Dummy)

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