GLOW GOD: House of Distractions: CD

Jul 26, 2014

A bit of a delay on this one, I know. See, I thought I’d lost the album, but discovered it again only recently when cleaning. Since the fine folks at Play Pinball are such great dudes, I couldn’t in good conscience let this one go untouched. Now, on to Glow God: a grunge band (as much as I loathe using that term) from the depths of OKC, with their first long player. It’s a consistent record of upbeat sludge-suckers, with a nod to the ‘90s. Most of the tracks, save “Could Be Worse,” have a slightly less angry / evil-sounding Pissed Jeans thing going on. Or, if that’s too vague, maybe a more straight-forward Cows. Glow God doesn’t exactly belong on AmRep or anything, either. House of Distractions is a streamlined punk record, for the most part. Which makes sense, since all other releases on this label are fine examples of how modern punk doesn’t have to be a heaping pile of shit.

 –Steve Adamyk (Play Pinball)