GLOM DA: Grisigast i Ostergotland: EP

Nov 02, 2010

Glom Da seem to be a prolific band. A split EP and this coming out around the same time. The material here is along the same lines as their split with Dorrterror—Totalitar, Avskum, Mob 47 d-beat that sticks tight to the formula, and I’m not complaining. When done right, it’s a glorious thing. This is done right. Fast, raw, noisy, and direct. The vocals sound like they’re blown to hell and back—really ripped and gravelly. Totally works with the buzzing guitars and crunching percussion. “Svinhysterin” is the standout track, as it breaks up the full-on assault with a change in tempo. Interested to see and hear how these guys continue on in the coming years.

 –M.Avrg (Smattra Kang, [email protected])