Nov 02, 2010

Dorrterror get points for adding a saxophone in their song “Hussjoroveri.” It totally works and shows originality on their part. Both bands, from Sweden, play some blazing hardcore punk with slight variations in style. Dorrterror have a definite U.S. crust influence with dual vocals, a slight catchiness, and it all comes at you in one rolling, blasting attack. What’s really cool is, despite all the intensity and speed, there’s a lively spirit in the music. We only get three songs from these guys, and they’re all good. Glom Da are a bit heavier and have definite influences from Totalitar, Mob 47, and Avskum. Blistering Scandinavian d-beat, without a doubt. One blazer after the next. “Kor Upp Din Bibel dar Solen Inte Skiner” is my personal favorite of the four.

 –M.Avrg (Smattra Kang, [email protected])