GLOBAL THREAT, A: What the Fuck Will Change?: CDEP

Jul 09, 2009

A street punk band having this as their album title when the CD cover and half the inset is filled with pictures showing off their many fashionable belts and mohawks makes me think of the old Corrosion of Conformity song off Eye for an Eye – “Rebellion’s not the clothes you wear or the way you spike your hair… nothing’s gonna change because you’re music’s fast, nothing’s gonna change while you’re sitting on your ass.” What is in A Global Threat’s favor is that it is hard to sit on your ass while listening to this CD. Surely, it might be nice if they seemed a bit less concerned with what they look like (not so much that they are that overly dressed so much as they have SO many posed band photos.) This is loud, fast and angry, but musically adept and fairly diverse from song to song. Not diverse the way Alice Donut would have a fast punk song next to a folk sounding song, but diverse in that songs don’t all sound alike – most of them have fast circle pit parts and oi-infused sing along parts, but with that framework, they go all over the place. Lyrically, well, I didn’t learn any new political information from this CD, but the words are far more than filler so the vocalist has something to do between “fuck the systems.” This would probably have been my favorite CD if it came out when I was an angst-ridden teen, and it can be used to wean fans off the idea that street punk has to be one dimensional.

 –rich (Punk Core)

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