Jul 02, 2009

GleamGarden: It’s not that hard to imagine if The Replacements, when they were sixteen and seventeen, instead of forming in Minneapolis, were three Japanese dudes on the other side of the world, coming up with their own version of Stink in 2009. Far from a complete rip, GleamGarden’s two songs are wailing, yearning snaps of songs that remind me that youth is a state of mind and geography is often secondary to the real estate between one’s ears. The Tim Version: Sing about a tree without irony. The tree is equated to a dearly missed uncle. It’s this direct honesty, these emotions-laid-bare without apology or overly precious metaphor that’s one of the engines of The Tim Version’s power. The other is that they’re just a collective badass: commanding playing, erecting small houses with each song. All I need to know this world is fucked-in-the-A is that a purely rockin’ band like The Tim Version is largely marginalized because they don’t have a “hook” beyond genuinely great songs, or a “look” beyond firm handshakes, easy smiles, “stupid” tattoos, and being fuckin’ great dudes. The second song is a tender J Church cover.

 –todd (Snuffy Smiles)