GLEAM GARDEN: In the One-Sided World: 7”

Dec 13, 2007

Oh cool, a one-sided seven inch. That’s kinda neat, but why did they bother to press grooves with no sound onto the blank side? That’s weird. Gleam garden play classic Snuffy Smile-style punk. It’s overproduced, a la Minority Blues Band; it’s fast and melodic like the Urchin; and it’s got the trademark heavy Leatherface influence in the lyrics. A few years ago, everyone would go out of their way trying to describe a lot of the Snuffy Smile bands without comparing them to each other, but nowadays the “Snuffy Smile sound” is just as easily recognizable as any other punk label that’s developed their own style (Fat Wreck, Dischord, and Lookout, to name a few) and that’s something that Gleam Garden should be proud of. This is a weird, good little record.

 –ben (Snuffy Smiles)

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