GLASS HEROES: Self-titled: CD

Feb 15, 2006

I can't argue with the Glass Heroes' thank you list. It includes everyone from Joe Strummer to Dead Kennedys to Clem Burke to the Stitches. They've played shows with The Vibrators and UK Subs, and cover The Saints "Stranded" on this CD. But, all the Gibson Les Paul Guitars and Marshall Amplification (highlighted in the liner notes) can't catapult this release into a league with the venerated bands they call friends. The production is too clean-even the backing "gang vocals" sound polished-and the songs are played a few tics too slowly for them to really grab and shake the piss outta someone. The Black Halos did something similar and a whole lot better on their self-titled debut a few years back.

 –benke (Malt Soda)

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