GLASS & ASHES: Aesthetic Arrest: 7”

Aug 25, 2006

High energy, chaotic punk rock from the town where I live. Fuck yeah. Who would’ve thought? Aesthetic Arrest is the first (or at least first that I know of) album by Ventura’s own Glass & Ashes. And though I’ve never seen them live, listening to them through the speakers of my stereo makes me feel like I’m in a packed, sweaty warehouse space, and the P.A. is about to blow out, and the walls are ringing, and I’m surrounded by kids with Rites of Spring and Black Flag t-shirts, and they’re screaming along to every word even though I have no idea what the singer’s going on about. This album just has that intensity. It’s like the band might unravel at any moment, but they manage to barely hold everything together. It’s good stuff.

 –sean (No Idea)

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