Jul 18, 2011

Wow. The twelve songs that clock in at almost an hour on this debut full-length are quite diverse. Screamy hardcore one minute and then an atmospheric tune the next. The vocals are very reminiscent of Aaron Weiss from mewithoutYou while the music reminds me of older mewithoutYou as well as Envy, the Japanese screamo band. This was often the case when the vocals went into the screaming range and away from the singing. The band calls themselves experimental psychedelic hardcore, but I don’t really hear any experimental or psychedelic sound. As with most music that is quite varied, it would be nice to hear the band really hone down their sound and excel at something. If they continue to progress, I have no doubt one day Gladiators Eat Fire will look back at this album and say, “We had some good songs, but damn, we were all over the place!”

 –kurt (