GIVE UP: Discography: CD

Mar 12, 2010

Short-lived Albany band (members from Acid Reflux, Devoid Of Faith, JBA, To Hell And Back, Dead Unicorn, Limpwrist, etc.) gets their due with this forty-three song discography. Hardcore punk with a dark and evil edge. There’s a metal influence, but that’s more for the heaviness and darkness. For the most part, the execution is at a fast tempo. Liz’s vocals sound blown-out and possessed, as though she’s escaped from the basement in Evil Dead. The guitar is great. Solid and abrasive, with the classic hardcore tone. I like how the songs will race, build up tension, then shift to a mid pace to break up the speedy attack. You get their 1999 demo, first EP, and the second unreleased EP (only exists in one hundred test presses - until now), and a live set. Comes packed in a regular jewel case stored inside a slip case, and a button. Nice! This is the second pressing of one hundred, so it might be time to pick it up.

 –M.Avrg (Peterwalkee,