Jul 24, 2008

Give Up All Hope: This U.K. band starts things off strong with a searing metallic crust attack with a d-beat drive. They have the power and the metallic edge of a band like Hellshock and brutally pound through the chords to showcase their energy. I really like the fact that the vocals were not super low in a cookie monster delivery. They are more yelled and remind me of the U.K. bands from the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s doing this type of music. Two ace tracks in my book. Vae Victus: Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this female-led band also plays metallic crust that has more straight forward punk moments. Musically, they are epic in delivery with good uses of tempo changes and guitar layering to make the sound bold. Vocals are the key here, though. From yelling to guttural lows and to actual singing, the delivery matches up to the energy and mood of the music. If you follow this genre, this is a great sampling from two bands that we should hear more from in the future.

 –don (Trujaca Fala)

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