GIVE: “Petal Pushing” b/w “Taste of Smile”: 7”

Playing post hardcore jams with a rock’n’roll vibe, every Give song is catchy and loaded with epic guitar riffing, but on “Petal Pushing,” the band approach an even higher level of greatness. Not only is this track roaring with intensity, it’s by far the catchiest of all their tunes. The B Side track “Taste of Smile,” is a little more mellow, but equally awesome in overall quality. It’s difficult picking a favorite when Give has so many great 7” singles, but after only a few listens, I’d say this is the winner for me. Pick up any of their releases if you come across them, but if you have a choice, get this one first.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Painkiller, [email protected])