GIVE: Electric Flower Circus: LP

Mar 18, 2015

The full-length debut from one of the most charismatic and interesting new hardcore bands in recent memory, Electric Flower Circus expands upon Give’s earlier output (a slew of singles and EPs, most of which were collected on 2013’s Singles Going Confetti) of “Revolution Summer”-influenced hardcore that hearkens that era’s penchant for emotional, dramatic punk rock while incorporating elements from hardcore’s more adventurous trailblazers (think Into Another, American Standard, Supertouch, Burn) and heavier, funk-tinged-metal ala The End of Silence-period Rollins Band. Give’s unique, rather accessible approach coupled with its somewhat cultish, flowery shtick has made the band a hot little ticket for some time now and this killer LP will only serve to broaden the “flowerhead” fanbase. Great stuff. 

 –Dave William (Moonflower)