GITS, THE: Enter the Conquering Chicken: CD

Jun 16, 2008

Wow, this takes me back. Although the Gits were one of those bands I never got around to listening to back when they were originally making the rounds, I do remember them being the big cheese in the scene, as well as the shockwave that hit when their singer, Mia, was murdered a decade ago. Listening to this now, I can’t help but wonder where they might have ended up had her life not ended so abruptly ‘cause they were quite proficient at what they did. Although songs like “New Fast One” and “Sign of the Crab” show an ability to punk things up with ease, there’s also a bar band undercurrent to the proceedings as well, sorta like a grungier Big Brother and the Holding Company. Tacked onto this reissue are some additional live tracks showing they could pull off live the quality of work they put into their studio recordings. Poignant, but a good listen if you’re in the mood for something a little different.

 –jimmy (Broken Rekids)

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