GIT SOME: Self-titled: 7”

This 7” offers up three tracks of noisy and distorted rock’n’roll: catchy riffs—with just the right amount of guitar wankery—and sung/yelled vocals. Side A features two short rippers in “Exhaustion=Feracity,” and “Wipe the Brain.” While Git Some are good when they tear through riffs like demons, the real gem for me was the slow burner “Accountability Starts with Me,” on the B-side. Here, the band gets slower, heavier, and a bit more lumbering with their riffs. It allows room for a more expansive sound. The sticker on the cover says that Git Some Features two members of Planes Mistaken For Stars, but this 7” is so good I think we can forgive them for past sins. It’s a follow up to their 2010 LP Loose Control, and highly recommended.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Alternative Tentacles)