GIT SOME: Loose Control: LP

This is a weird record to get around. As in, listen to and enjoy. Not weird in some avant garde sort of way, but more in the way that it’s not as good as the first, but it’s not horrible either. The songs are more chunky and drawn out, with a Scratch Acid influence, and where they once reminded me of Drive Like Jehu, I now here a later period Dead And Gone influence. The songs are tight despite their sometimes complex structures that stretch into near jam territory, and they can deliver the goods without breaking a sweat, it seems. However, the one thing that really keeps me from completely enjoying the record is the singer just cannot let the music stand on its own for long. It seems like there’s not a moment of silence from his wailing. It’s too much. A lot of over singing, and it sounds like he really wants to be Chris Cornell here by holding on to the end of some of the words when it’s time to either let the riff come forth, or just let the rhythm section display its power. On the fence about this one….

 –M.Avrg (Alternative Tentacles,