GIT SOME: Cosmic Rock: CD

Jan 06, 2009

A couple ex-members from Planes Mistaken For Stars decided to continue playing music together. This new combo of theirs, I tend to think is better than their previous. Git Some just have a bit more teeth in their sound. There is definitely a heavy Drive Like Jehu sound, but mixed with a rawer, purposely less polished edge. Also throw in some Hell No and Dead & Gone for the darkness and slow-fire burning in the guts. The playing is tight and, despite being a studio recording, there’s an intensity that is usually found in live performances. The songs go from one to the other without pause, and the sequencing is spot on. You start off up, and around the middle, they bring the energy down a smidge, then up again, ending somewhere in between. With a debut this good, I can only imagine what lays in store.

 –M.Avrg (1-2-3-4 Go!,