G.I.S.M.: Sonicrime Therapy: CD

May 27, 2009

Many times, timing is everything, especially in regards to getting punk rock releases. Take this release, for instance. I heard from my brother that he saw on a message board from one of our friends (Friend 1) in Canada that another friend (Friend 2) of ours in Canada had some copies for sale of an official new release by G.I.S.M. I got in touch with Friend 2 and got him to hold a copy for me. I got in touch with another friend (Friend 3) who is friends with Canadian Friends number 1 and 2 to have him buy me the copy (since he owed me some money) and send it to me. It took a while, but Friend 2 gave the copy to friend 1 to take to Friend 3 when he went to pick copies of the new Razorcake that I had sent to Friend 3 to give to Friends 1 and 2. Confusing? That is how I got this copy. I got the first album, Detestation, by accident too. I ordered a few records from a small distro that had gotten some Stalin records that I had wanted and they ran out of what I ordered. Instead, they sent me a bunch of different Japanese punk records and I was truly surprised. I also had gotten the bootleg CD N’th Nightmare, but that was easy to get at the time. There is a second record out there whose title I’ve forgotten, but I know my brother has a copy. Back to this release. I love interesting packaging. This release came in a cool black, silver embossed box. Inside sat the jewel case with an insert that consisted of black gradient color samples that led to pictures of the band. The other side is a collage of images that I can’t quite pick out the theme at the moment. Quite a bit of imagery for the senses. Sort of minimalist on one side and extreme on the other. If you know Japanese punk, you know the song titles are often out there. The intro is titled "Dual Improvisations for Hypochondriac" (a weird lounge music tune) and the outtro is titled "Phenomenal Exile in Schizophrenic Patients" (eight minutes of wind noise, samples, and chanting). The other tracks are titled in code, like "KI-1" or "RUNS-3." That is their trademark sound – blazing metalcore punk that is spastic and epileptic in attack. The vocals are guttural. He could be mumbling for all I know. It’s hard to identify them because they are always trying not to be pigeonholed into someone else’s sound. They take elements from others and make it their own. They are just out there. I imagine it as getting a beer and milk enema while on three hits of LSD and mixing early Butthole Surfers and Napalm Death. Now get to work and try to find this. It’s worth it if you are not into the cookie cutter patch bands that everybody is wearing on their studded sweatshirts. If you don’t want to do the work, you can sample tracks by them on the reissue of the "P.E.A.C.E" comp or on the bootleg comps The Punx, Hardcore Unlawful Assembly, Outsider or Great Punk Hits that are available right now. I’m winded... Time to get another beer and some food.

 –don (Beast Arts)

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