GIRLS, THE: Yes No Yes No Yes No: CD

Sep 30, 2008

Call me old fashioned, but I miss Devo and I didn’t mind Max Headroom. I understand Devo’s still around, but given that their last studio record Smooth Noodle Maps (not so good) came out eighteen years ago, I think there’s room in this world for some heavy-duty Devo worship on the ground level (as opposed to the Disney level, where Devo 2.0 was Devo-endorsed kids re-recording Devo songs). I’ve always liked the icy, more evil Devo, too. I mean, Devo pretty much strip mined and devoured any chance that future synthesizer and male-fronted electronics punks could follow in their Energy Domes without being compared to them… And with that said, The Girls more than carry their weight in Yes No Yes No Yes No. Your individual waves of remembrance and urges to reach for Freedom of Choice may vary. Not bad at all. Funny, the last time I saw The Girls, I don’t even remember seeing a synthesizer. Maybe they got one of The Epoxies’ ones at a yard sale. (Damn you for breaking up, Epoxies.) 

 –todd (Dirtnap)