GIRAFFE RUNNING: Self-titled: 2xCD

Dec 30, 2008

This album consists of two CDs, the first is five songs of the actual band, Giraffe Running, and the second is fifteen tracks of musical collaborations. The collaborations disc is much more interesting, as it has the abundance of the material, including contributions from members of Melt Banana and Battles. Most of it comes off sounding like music heavily influenced by bands such as Tortoise, June Of 44, Shellac, and Don Cabellero. Some of it is really nicely done as it captures a tight—dare I say “angular”—sound that the aforementioned acts might be described as having. Other tracks are entirely forgettable: musical masturbation heavy on the bass. The same can be said of the material on the first disc from Giraffe Running. I can only handle so much of the math rock material before I need to listen to something else. And that amount is usually around two or three songs. Competently played, just boring.

 –kurt (

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