GINO AND THE GOONS: “Trouble” & “Oh Yeah!”: 7”s

May 28, 2014

And then repeat it! Proving their 12” EP wasn’t a fluke, the Goons continue their brilliant Budget Rock-style assault on the ears and soul of the world. Gino is apparently a big boy now and has been taking the show on the road. Total Punk keeps scoring with the hits! Their Rip Off Records aesthetic fits every release perfectly. The liners describe the Goons perfectly, “fast and loose—loose and loud.” The Pelican Pow Wow record is just as powerful; no sassy liner notes but the cover does have some sassy ladies showing their stuff. This band is so stupid and simple and perfect, yet I can’t do it. Argh! 

 –Sal Lucci (Total Punk / Pelican Pow Wow)