GING NANG BOYZ: :: Libido E.P.: 12”EP

Jul 24, 2008

I was attracted to this by the cover art, which has a drawing of some guy lighting a mouthful of cigarettes while kind of headlocking some boy who’s pissing on his leg. I thought it was kinda odd, though surely not as odd as it would be if the EP were titled Fetish. Still, I’m all about a mouthful of cigarettes. I didn’t notice it initially, but the back cover is a drawing of some people in a classroom; one of the guys has an erection that lifts his desk all the way up to the ceiling. The note accompanying this 12” also attracted me. It said something along the lines of this band being fans of EastBay punk and Weezer. I took that as an implication that they meld the two sounds together. Since I like EastBay punk and don’t like Weezer, I wanted to hear what this Japanese band did with their influences. Well, it sounds like what I would imagine a Ramones cover by Weezer would sound like. Take what you love about the Ramones (everything, I’m sure), drag it out so it’s between four and fives minutes or so in length, then completely ruin it by Weezering up with their annoying brand of pop.

 –Vincent (Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phonics)

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