Gina Go Faster have been a sleeper favorite of mine for awhile. I forget about them for six months at a time because the name’s kinda weird, but the songs are a-rockin’, and I’m always pleased when I pop one of their releases on. “Here We Go” and “2 Steps from Home” are low-fi, high-energy songs that are sweet and crunchy like bubblegum dropped on a sidewalk, and re-popped into your mouth. Real fun garage power pop. The Thirteens are pretty standard and straddle the line between punk and hardcore (screamed vocals, trapped drummer syndrome, soaring guitar chords). To be sure, the songs are competently played, but there’s at least fifteen current bands that do it better. Their effort’s not piss, but not as good as a two 40 ozs (which would be in the same price range).

 –todd (King Bee)