GIN PALACE JESTERS: Honktytonk Fools: CD

Aug 15, 2006

This Chicago five piece proudly and deservedly are “too country and proud of it.” Deftly waving the flag of their self-described, hard-hitting hillbilly honky tonk (along with other classic American music styles—county boogie, honky tonk, bluegrass, country waltz, etc.) on this greatly anticipated release, Dave Sisson and crew deliver clever lyrics and upbeat, tight, and masterful musical arrangements as expected. Five-star guest artists like Sean Mencher, Rosie Flores, Colonel JD Wilkes, Jason Carter, and Conway Twitty (posthumously) lend a hand to round out a well-written and well-produced professional quality album that will remain in rotation for years to come. Many stand out tracks, but most notably, “Pomade on My Pillow,” “Drink One for Me,” and “(I’ll Just) Pick Up the Pieces.” Unwrap yer own copy. You’ll be glad you did.

 â€“thiringer (Rhythm Bomb)