GILBERT SWITZER / THE HOLD: State of Nature: Split 7”

Nov 21, 2006

It’s always refreshing—when during the tedious chore of laboring through shitty music to review—to be slapped upside the head unceremoniously and without notice. And that’s exactly what Nova Scotia’s Gilbert Switzer did. This band is a three-piece comprised of a singer, guitar player, and two-piece stand-up drummer who dishes out deranged and deconstructed punk rock. Think Flipper, early Butthole Surfers, the Birthday Party and Crime all tossed into a rocks glass and filled with absinthe. This is art punk of the highest degree, and I love it. The Hold didn’t—ahem—hold up as well having to follow Gilbert Switzer but nonetheless ran their crusty gutter punk like a Fiat Spider stuck in third gear. Nicely packaged to boot!

 –greg (Divorce)