GIFTS FROM ENOLA: From Fathoms: 2 x LP

Most post-rock albums that I listen to have the quiet build up to the loud, expansive explosion; GFE’s From Fathoms isn’t the total exception, though they do have some variation. Often GFE’s softer parts are less build ups and more waiting periods. Their bigger bits are more loud, heavy bridges than immense soundscapes. Now, this criticism doesn’t hold throughout the entire record, but it does seem that way to me a lot of the time. It is almost like an instrumental post-hardcore record with a post-rock bent. The music aside, the packaging is pretty crazy: two split color LPs housed in a full-color, glossy gatefold that has matte designs to embellish the artwork. The craziest thing about the packaging, though, is the FBI anti-piracy warning on the back. If you pick this up, be respectful or prepare to face a horde of G-Men at your door.

 –Vincent (Mylene Sheath)