GIFT, THE: Mostly in Sickness: LP

Sep 16, 2011

Fuck yes. Harkening back to the pained desperation of such Crimethinc stalwarts as The Spectacle and Zegota, The Gift have created something that I haven’t heard for some time. A bleak, tormented record just oozing a fervently DIY attitude. Harrowing female vocals that range from death rock moans to soaring darkwave melodies to blackened-crust howls. Effective, repetitive (in a great way) instrumentation that builds to feverish, furious climaxes and perfectly conveys the emotion set forth in the vocals. This should appeal to both fans of modern crust (ala Appalachian Terror Unit/etc.) as well as ‘90s “emo” hardcore (ala the aforementioned bands, as well as Shotmaker, Drift, Anomie, etc.). An incredible record. Wow.

 –Dave William (Amor Y Lucha)