GIANT HAYSTACKS: We Are Being Observed: CD

Feb 21, 2008

Frankly, it’s amazing that the Minutemen template hadn’t been resurrected sooner, but it’s awesome to see it as a transparency carefully placed down over modern times. The frenetic shorthand guitar, the popping, looping, and lunging bass, the loud but spare and on-target drumming, the vocal bursts, and the cryptic, poignant, and witty lyrics are all there. The Giant Haystacks don’t sound like they’re hanging out by D.Boon’s (RIP) gravesite in San Pedro, but have further refined an alternate, updated universe that’s worthy of Double Nickels on the Dime’s legacy. I’m also selling them a little short with the Minutemen comparison. I also hear the raggedy edged, catchy pop of Gang of Four’s Entertainment and the confident flexing of three guys who’ve nailed smart, complex songs without wanking off. Excellent stuff and highly recommended.

 –todd (Smartguy)