GIANT HAYSTACKS: A Rebirth of Our City: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

If Allan, the singer and guitarist of Giant Haystacks, gained a hundred pounds and learned to dance like a gleeful rhinoceros ballerina in homage to D. Boon, the transformation to the Minutemen would be complete. I jest, but Giant Haystacks have taken the honor roll of peppy, spry, smart, and insightful songs that the Minutemen are getting their long-deserved due for, and then have internalized what made them so powerful in the first place. It’s not all about short-burst, slippery string work, but about the concerns of their world—this time gentrification—while not taking a condescending tone. They also fully understand that the angularity must bend back on durable ligaments, that songs work best when built on dance molecules, and are soaked in platelets of real blood. What this means: the Wayback Machine is gathering dust in the garage, the Giant Haystacks have lit their own torch, and these three songs are great.

 –todd (Pizza Pizza)

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