Nov 08, 2006

What would love feel like if it hit me? Like a swift kick to my family jewels? Perhaps, but I don’t get the answer from the first song on this record—“This Isn’t It.” This Hollywood duo sometimes sounds like Johnette from Concrete Blonde (cool), but other times the overdubbed choruses sound like Lush (not so cool). “YFLMD” has a nice lock-step groove and “Jonah Ray is AOkay” has trace effects of Mazzy Star but with louder guitars. The video on the CD features the lead singer in bed with random dudes getting up, zipping up their pants and then leaving. What does this mean? Oh well. Hard to make a definitive judgment from five songs but there are certainly other CDs I would grab first to use as a drink coaster.

 –koepenick (Wichita)