GHUNDI: 3196: EP

Sep 30, 2008

At first I thought, “This isn’t so bad. It sort of sounds like the Dead Milkmen,” but then the second song came on and sounded like a pit bull fucking a screaming baby’s face so I turned it off. Upon my next sitting of the CD, I was quite pleased to not hate it. Half the songs were good, half the songs were not so good. But it was good enough to push me towards further investigation of the band’s album content. But because trying to read their lyrics is like looking at the clues and squares to a jigsaw puzzle—fuck it, DIY. So I looked up Ghundi online because I could have sworn “Drop the Dead Junkie” was a cover, but I guess it’s not. Instead, I came across them on Youtube and was excited to see that the four-piece is from Ireland, yet disappointed to discover they are not high school kids. 

 –Gabe Rock (Fake Your Own Death)

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