Jan 12, 2010

First off, beautiful packaging and vinyl. Orange wax, nicely designed sleeve under a transparent/printed bag ala the new Ringers 12”; just a rock-solid visual aesthetic. Seems like Vitriol is run—at least in part—by folks in Graf Orlock, so it comes as no big shock that the graphics here, thankfully, seem just as important as the sonics. On that angle alone, nice work to everyone involved. And as far as the actual music? Fischer seems to have come leaps and bounds from their first 7”, and I actually really liked that record. But this is something else entirely; they’re coming into something of their own, but for comparison’s sake, it sounds like a layered, seasoned, and exuberant North Lincoln. Keep in mind, they’re just a two piece. Which is pretty impressive when one listens to a song like “All the Real Girls” and hears just how full, fleshed-out, and emotionally resonant it sounds. Awesome work. Meanwhile, Ghostlimb’s a new one to me. They’re a snarling, swaggering band that’s a bit hard to pin down. There’s occasional blips of emo breakdowns circa 1993 or so, but it’s all firmly rooted in a kind of rock template and fronted by a guy who’s retainer sounds like it’s made of concrete. They sound like if Go Sell Drugs tried to cover a Rites Of Spring song, okay? Their side of the split is tough and dark and just a bit off and it works ridiculously well. All told, this record is a testament to both of the bands and, yeah, the vinyl format as a whole. Absolutely, totally worth it—I’ll most likely be playing this one years down the road.

 –keith (Vitriol)