Jan 12, 2010

Fischer: in the past, I’ve gotten in trouble for referring to this band as emo, but I just don’t hear the pop punk reference that so many people claim there to be. Between the mathy change-ups and the intricate guitarin’, their sound lies amidst the spectrum of the whole Dischord/Jade Tree/Kill Rock Stars world more than anything else I can think of. But, bless the innovators and their constant struggle for new, sometimes-interesting things. Ghostlimb: this band kills it with their brand of all-out, forgive-no-one hardcore that’s modern in its presence, but applied to the approach of yesteryear. Both these bands offer top notch material and anyone inclined to check out two of California’s most daring, should check out this record.

 –Daryl Gussin (Great Plains/Vitriol)