May 27, 2009

A stellar release. From San Francisco, Ghost Orchids have shaken me up. So many things go through my head while listening to this five song EP. From love to musical references. Whether its the bits and pieces reminiscent of Subpoena the Past and the Cure, or goth rock dance hall nights, Ghost Orchids lures you with passion and weariness; nights where things have become a blurry, rainy out-of-control cloud of emotion. This is a record I frequently lay in my bed and listen to the rain hit the streets of my drab Midwestern town at night. Dancey tracks such as "Time-Lapse Sequence" and "Architecture in Surgery" will lure fans into the likes of Joy Division, New Order, and Radio Berlin onto the dancefloor. Classic groups, one soon to be, with shots of keyboards, and uber-haunting bass lines. If you aren't zoning out on the dance floor to these tracks, you must be making out in a dark booth somewhere. Whether it's a discreetly empty feeling instrumental that numbs, killer drama dance tracks, or bath-tub suicide – it's all covered here. A gem. –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Global Symphonic)