GHOST MICE: The Debt of the Dead: CD

Feb 21, 2008

Ghost Mice is two people – Chris and Hannah – playing simple folk punk songs, with some harmonica, accordion, and even mandolin thrown into the mix. I’m so conflicted about this. Some of the songs are great – especially “Lightning Blot,” which is about how one of their fathers, who works at a Catholic cemetery, got a pay cut because of the church’s financial problems after the recent church sex scandals. But then there’s songs like “Up the Punks,” which, although it does come with a disclaimer (“this song is not meant to be taken too seriously”), sounds like a parody of the folk punk genre, with lyrics like, “Well, just take a look around and I’m sure that you’ll agree that we’ve done a lot of things to improve community/like organizing protests and serving food not bombs/ sending books to all the prisoners that have been locked up for so long.” Ack! I think the main problem with this is that there are some cheezy lyrics, and then there’s just way too many lyrics, period. A lot of the better songs, like “The Pines,” have less lines and more music. If I could take this CD and make it into a 7”, it would be Corn Pops. Right now, it’s Boo Berry. I just don’t know!

 –maddy (Plan-it-X)