Brook Pridemore is outsider-sounding, weirdo folk by someone who I’d guess is not an outsider (considering their associations), but probably is a bit weird. Some vague but interesting lyrics here. Definitely worth a few spins. Ghost Mice, well, they’ve been doing their violin-driven posi-shoutfolk for a while and I just can’t get into it anymore. There was a time when this kind of stuff was refreshing and I’d listen to it even though it made me feel a bit goofy. But now it’s just too embarrassing. I feel bad talking this way and I think that the reason that I feel bad has a lot to do with why it’s embarrassing to listen to. It’s so nice and sweet that you want to buy into it and to get on their wagon, but you just can’t. Not for long anyway. What makes punk interesting is that it almost always presents at least some level of damage, a distrust, or a world-weariness that makes you trust what they’re trying to get over even if it’s really positive. You can tell they’ve suffered and weathered out these ideas. This is the redemptive quality that makes punk (as well as all good art) more powerful and transcendent than some wholesome, hippie “it’s all good” vibe. Now, I’m not calling these Ghost Mice hippies or saying they’re not punk. Nor am I accusing them of not suffering enough. I’m just saying that they’re not putting anything that I can use in the free box. These songs remind me of dating a rich girl. They’re super sweet and cute but annoying because they never show anger or bitterness. However, I’m sure they’re nice folks and wouldn’t try to manipulate you by paying for everything like the rich girl. Hell, they’re probably broke, too.

 –Craven (Plan-It-X/Crafty)