GHOST KNIFE: Garrote Guarantee: 7”

Sep 24, 2014

It’s a really cool feeling when you know a couple of dudes who do what they do and they do it well, then all of a sudden, they are doing something together and it’s really cool and manages to not sound like a version of the things that they are each known for individually… It’s its own awesome beast. That is Ghost Knife to me. The first time I heard them it was live and it was great (but let’s be honest, I was most likely at a minimum ¾ of the way to wasted), next came the amazing Kill Shelter, Yes CD and I realized just how great this band is. The disc got a lot of rotation around here. Now, here we are with a brand spanking new 7” and wouldn’t you know it, they just keep getting better. I should have bought two, because I’m going to wear my copy out! Let’s not wait so long between releases next time, guys! 

 –ty (Twistworthy)