GHETTO WAYS: The Party Bag: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

After listening to the Ghetto Ways—and bands in their camp as diverse as The River City Tanlines to The Detroit Cobras—is that, on one hand, they’re comforting. I like old pre-cleaned-up rock’n’roll and soul: Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chubby Checker, The Pinetoppers. And the Ghetto Ways instantly soak me back in that tub. It feels good. One the other hand, they just aren’t just reheating covers (or songs that are, for all intents and purposes, covers with different song titles). They sound itchy, desperate, wailing, and ready to blow off any coffin lid people may want to heap dirt on top of, to fill up rock’n’roll’s grave. Three great new songs. Feisty.

 –todd (Wicked Singles)