So here’s the picture on this CD: Big, tough looking guys with a lot of tattoos, bandanas, and facial hair drinking beer. The cover has a skull wearing a cowboy hat with a pentagram on it above two six-shooters skull and crossbones style. There is a picture of a tattooed woman tied up and gagged, wearing just underwear, in the trunk in the car. On the other side is just the rope in the trunk of the car. Did she escape? What’s the deal? So this CD is metal. I’m not much into metal; in fact I’d say it accounts for less than one percent of what I listen to. I can’t really relate to the satanic redneck theme of this record and the music, although not bad (I’ve listened to enough metal in my life to at least know good and bad) isn’t anything new. Somebody might like this, maybe Pantera fans? But it’s not my taste.

 –Jason Donnerparty (High Fidelity)