GHB: Self-titled: 7”

So GHB, not to be confused with GBH, stands for the Get High Boys. Admittedly I was very dubious (doobie us?) about them and kinda judging them on the name alone. Plus, I always let out an audible sigh when I find a 7” record that requires an adapter to play. Turns out I like the music more than I initially thought. Though there’s no lyrics and minimal information about GHB, many of the verses have discernable words. The recording is real fuzzy and garagey. Sonically, they’re a bit like a much slower New Bomb Turks or a less spooky version of The Mummies, sans keyboard. Vocally, they remind me of Jay Reatard. These boys, high or not, have some good tunes. I just wish the recording was clearer. I love a little grit in my music but it takes away some of the listenability. I bet they’re a great band to see live. 

 –Kayla Greet (Die Slaughterhaus)