GG KING: Babbling Voices: 7”EP

Jul 06, 2010

Bands can get like families. You’re brothers. You’re related. But you may hate your fuckin’ brothers. I know nothing of the interior dynamic that fueled Atlanta’s Carbonas or what lead to their breakup. All I know is that when the Carbonas called it quits, Gentleman Jesse released a fuckin’ great, neatly-dressed full-length and GG King—drummer then, guitarist now—has released a string of notable 7”s, this being one of them. Musically, it’s cool to retroactively hear how Jesse’s smart pop (think Peter Case not Peter Cetera) locked into GG’s dirty, angular minimalism (think Urinals not Ikea). This is some extremely solid, worn-denim stuff, reminiscent of early Reatards: arrested development, slightly paranoid, screechy and churny, and with an undeniable garden of nutritious hooks right under broken, sandpapery surface.

 –todd (Local Cross)