Get Your War On: by David Rees, about 11 pgs. of Voltron-themed comics, about 89 non. By Megan Pants

Apr 13, 2011

Two days after the US started bombing Afghanistan, David Rees began posting his comics on the web. There’s two main characters and about ten other characters who pop in and out (one being fucking VOLTRON!!!) The whole idea is inter-office commentary about the situation going on in Afghanistan, and American foreign policy in general. Not your cup of tea, you say? Too political? You like some funny with your cartoons? Here you go, bucko! I don’t know how many times this has been quoted around Razorcake HQ by Sean, Todd, and myself. Even as I started writing this, I ended up reading a good fifteen pages (there’s only one strip per page, usually about three panels) out loud to Todd, both of us laughing our asses off. Here’s a little taste: “…it turns the relief effort into a fun game for the Afghan people – a game called ‘See if you have any fucking arms left to eat the food we dropped after you step on a landmine trying to retrieve it!’” C’mon, you gotta chuckle. This one keeps me in stitches – Woman: “Say, did you hear about the ‘Killing- and Torture- and Raping- Spree Party’ that Exxon Mobil is hosting in Indonesia? It’s rape-a-rific!” Man: “Aaarghh! And here I am stuck at my office’s stupid summer pot luck! It’s torture I tell you! Well, OK, not actual torture – at least, not like getting tortured, and then raped, and then killed. But the potato salad does seriously suck.” As of December, Soft Skull Press was out of stock and I finally tracked down a copy after about seven stores had sold out. It’s worth the effort. Without a doubt, funny, funny stuff here. Super-highly recommended. –Megan Pants (Soft Skull Press, 71 Bond St., Brooklyn, NY11217)